DJ Connectivity Software and Mobile App

A Solution for DJs

           - Increase your Fan Base - Make Money - More Audience Interaction -

We are a small group of DJs
that came up with a great idea to help all of us in the community.

We created an app that is currently available for both iPhone and Android and connects the DJ with his audience.

The audience can search the DJ's music and also request songs directly. We also let the DJ communicate with the audience either individually or via broadcasts.

DJs have always wanted to build a following and interact with their
audience simultaneously while performing. However this technology
didn’t exist until now. With Spinfluence DJs can ask for a tip for song requests so they can make additional money at the venues and interact with their audiences at the same time.

To make everything as easy as possible, we have created an application for the DJ side as well, that works together with Serato, Traktor, etc…

This app receives the song requests and lets DJs communicate with their guests. When a request comes in, the DJ can just drag&drop the requested song into a deck and play it. Messages pop up in the app and the DJ can reply to them whenever his time allows. The app on the DJ side also monitors what songs he is playing and sends them out for the guests to follow along.

Currently listeners are unaware when DJs are playing their original
music in a set. With the Spinfluence app, which broadcasts artist,
title and artwork for each song played, your guests will know which
songs are yours and in the near future will be able to follow the
links for your songs to purchase or download directly from the app.

DJs have always dealt with the frustration of people requesting 80s
songs at a hip-hop party, inappropriate songs for a wedding or
generally bad requests. Now DJs can limit songs available for request
depending on the vibe of the party. In any case, the DJ always decides
which request he fulfills or declines.

Many DJs have been using this at several parties and guests loved the interaction, the messaging and the requests. They appreciate that whatever music is searchable on their phones is actually what the DJ has available, which usually means it will get played.

We're going to add more social media features next that will let fans follow DJs on their Twitter or Facebook accounts and let them see where the next party is!

Who is this app for?

Anyone who wants to make more money as a DJ, wants to increase their fanbase and expand their social media exposure while simultaneously performing!

How can I get involved?

We're looking for early adopters who want to lead and deliver a new experience to their audience
If you're interested, let us know, type in your email address in the form below
We will get in touch with you and guide you through the setup process
Any other question, let us know at info@spinfluence.live
We offer free usage for a limited time but eventually this will become a commercial product as it creates cost on our side (technical infrastructure, development, ...)


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